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Crystal's Confessions

The Musing Of A Modern Gentlewoman

The Brightly Colored Moth
13 February
This journal is like a filled paper journal: it is sat aside never to be written in again but still there to visit. Good-bye.

1990s, 19th century, 90s music, academia, amélie, anaïs nin, anne sexton, antiques, astronomy, auf der maur, bacardi silver, bell sleeves, bildungsromans, bill maher, billy corgan, bonnets, books, bookstores, british and american literature, bunnies, cameos, candles, care bears, cats, cemeteries, chantal kreviazuk, charles dickens, charlotte brontë, chococat, cleopatra, confessional poetry, convenient-occurrences-in-19th-century-novels, corpse bride, corsets, creative writing, crime shows, dame darcy, delerium, depression, dolls, edwardian era, elizabeth gaskell, emily dickinson, english professors, fairies, family guy, felicity merriman, finding nemo, flowers, free verse poetry, french, ghosts, girl interrupted, goblin market, governesses, haunted houses, he-loves-me-he-loves-me-not, henry and june, history, hole, holly mcnarland, hoop skirts, intelligence, intelligent older men, iron jawed angels, jack mccoy/claire kincaid, jane eyre, jo march, journal writing, kate chopin, kristy thirsk, lavender, law & order, letter writing, literature, little women, live, livejournal, lolita, long skirts, lost in translation, louisa may alcott, lucy snowe, m. paul emanuel, manatee community college, masculinity, may/december romance, meatcake, mr. rochester, my fair lady, natalie merchant, nature, new college of florida, old buildings, older men, ophelia, paula cole, peasant tops, period films, petticoats, pocahontas, poetry, politics, postmortem photography, pressed flowers, professor bhaer, professors, rasputina, reading, romance, rosie thomas, salman rushdie, sarah mclachlan, savage garden, sex scenes, shopping, social history, sophie b. hawkins, stationery, strawberry banana smoothies, sylvia plath, tea, tea tree oil shampoo, teddy bears, the american girls collection, the bell jar, the brontës, the governess, the grim reaper, the occult, the piano, the smashing pumpkins, the-feel-of-people-playing-with-my-hair, tim o'brien, tonic, tori amos, tree of life, trees, triangle shirtwaist fire, unrequited love, unsolved mysteries, victorian era, victorian literature, victoriana, villette, vintage porn, vintage postcards, walt whitman, writing, zebras